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MTT For Animals:
"The animals are doing great at home, especially Whipper.  I keep tapping and almost all of his symptoms are gone, and he is putting weight back on.  Shimmer is also nice and relaxed - hooray!"

New Mexico

"Thank you, Joe, for helping me conquer my fear of heights. I really didn't think the MTT would work, but I was amazed that after you worked with me, I was able to enjoy the view from 6,000 feet!! Also, thanks for showing me that certain feelings are natural."


"The MTT worked very well on my tooth. The tooth pain was gone and hasn't come back!!  The dentist wants to redo the root canal for $700 but I believe that there is no longer any problem!  THANKS!"

~Bobbi Nez
New Mexico

"For years the doctor's said I had fibromyalgia and now after working with Joe for less than an hour, I can't find any pain anywhere, it's all gone!  Thank you so much!"

~Bonnie D.

"I slept through the whole night which I haven't done in weeks!  Didn't feel bad when I woke up which is amazing!  I just feel really good today and I'm so happy!"

~ Terry C.
New Jersey

"I can't express how much I appreciate what Joe did for me. It's been two weeks and no pain."

~ Jeanette Duncan, ED, SPED, MA, CED



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