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With our future in mind, this web site was designed...
To help
people and our four-legged friends with whatever problem they might be having; health issues, physical issues, mental issues, personal issues, phobias, anxieties, you name it. This technique has NO medicine involved. 
Many experience impressive results where nothing else has worked. 


"I can't express how much I appreciate what Joe did for me. It's been two weeks and no pain."MTT Testimonial
~ Jeanette Duncan, ED, SPED, MA, CED

To inspire and further our existence on this planet; growing with each new day, mentally, physically, and soulfully. And to leave this life with many meaningful relationships including with Mother Earth.
  To share MTT with others, a technique I strongly believe in, and used for restoring my health: physical and mental.
  MTT - Meridian Tapping Techniques
Please Note:  While MTT has produced remarkable results, the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Joe Oliver is not a licensed health professional and does not claim to diagnose or treat any illness.  He offers MTT as an ordained minister and as a performance specialist. Think Meridian Tapping Technique


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